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== System Usage Restrictions ==
== System Usage Restrictions ==

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System Usage Restrictions

To save the security and availability of our network resources, HEXONET users are not allowed to send an unlimited amount of API requests within a too short time. To regulate the amount of allowed requests, we use a quota system, which regulates the API connection by using quota points

Commands adding quota points

Currently, the following commands are adding quota points to the user account of the user executing them:

  • CheckDomainApplication: 1 point

Soft and hard quota marks

Every HEXONET account has a

  • soft quota mark (300 points by default)
  • hard quota mark (500 points by default)

If the soft quota mark is reached, the system responses will get a delay of 5 seconds. That means that the response time is slowed down so that the user recognizes that he may sent too many requests within a short time.

If an account reached the hard quota mark, the account will get temporarily locked and the system will respond "Service temporarily locked; usage exceeded". Further API requests will not be accepted and will be answered with this message, although they keep increasing the quota points!

Reducing quota points

The collected quota points will get reduced automatically by the system. Every 60 seconds, the quota amount will get multiplied with 0.8, meaning that your quota point amount gets reduced by 20 % every minute.

Quota related XIRCA user relations

The following XIRCA user relations exist to use the quota system:

quota for domain related commands:
common system quota (currently not used):