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New SSL API - CSR creation

Why create a CSR?

A CSR is required whenever you order an SSL certificate. You may create a CSR yourself and submit it in your order or leave this to us.

How does the automatic CSR creation work?

When you submit a CreateSSLCert command without providing a CSR (parameter CSR[0-N]), we will try to create the CSR for you. For this we require:

  • private key
  • domain
  • contact information

Private key
Unless you provide your own private key (parameter PEM[0-N]), we will create a new private key for you and use it to create the CSR. Of course, you will be able to download the private key later as you will need it in order to use the certificate.

The domain that is supposed to be the Common Name (CN) of the CSR needs to be provided (parameter DOMAIN0). If you provide further domains (DOMAIN1, DOMAIN2, ...), they will be placed into the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension of the CSR.

Contact information
If available, we will put the following contact information into the CSR:

  • organization name
  • street
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • email

The data of OWNERCONTACT0 will be used by default. If you want to put different contact information into the CSR, you may do so by using the parameter CSRCONTACT0.

CSR creation and certificate renewal

When you submit a RenewSSLCert command, you must explicitly specify that you want to have a new CSR created. This is done by using the following command parameters:

  • createcsr=1: create a new CSR using the current private key, domain(s), contact information
  • createprivatekey=1: create a new CSR using a newly created private key and the current domain(s), contact information