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Every day thousands of valuable domains expire and become available for open registration. HEXONET's high-performance backordering service can improve your chances of obtaining these expiring domains quickly, easily, and with more success. HEXONET has expanded its backorder service to eighteen (18) different TLDs, making it a leader in terms of TLD selection anywhere industry-wide. All Backorder API commands and information can be found here.

Name Backorder
Acronym None
Available Backorders
ccTLD: .CA, .CC, .CH, .CO, .LI, .ME, .NU, .SE, .TV, .US
Document Downloads
Downloads Backorder Reference
Backorder Quickstart
Commands Backorder commands
Domain Backorder Commands
Legal Documents
Agreements TBA
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Domain-Backorder Commands

The respective API commands to create, manage, and delete backorders through API can be found here:

Download: Backorder Reference with further information and examples.
Download: Backorder Quickstart

Access: Login to the control panel and navigate to Manage Products > Backorder Conduct searches on upcoming expiring domains Place and manage backorders.

Service Notes: If a backorder domain is successfully registered, but MULTIPLE backorders bids are placed on it, the domain automatically goes to auction. Backordering is free, however, three days prior to a backordered domain becoming publicly available, HEXONET requires a deposit equal to the backordering fees. Unsuccessful backordering bids result in the immediate refund of any backordering deposits HEXONET offers no guarantee in successfully acquiring or registering any backordered domain whatsoever.

  • Free Access to Expiring Domains
  • Free Expiring Domain Search Engine
  • Free Backorder Submission
  • Free Backorder Management
  • Free Backorder Notifications
  • Free Support
  • Free Web Interface Console
  • Free APIs
  • Highlights

gTLDs available for backorder: .ASIA, .BIZ, .COM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NET, .ORG

ccTLDs available for backorder: .CA, .CC, .CH, .CO, .LI, .ME, .NU, .SE, .TV, .US

Domain Backorder FAQ

Placing Backorders

What are the steps in placing a successful backorder?

Step 1: Search and Freely Submit Backorders

  • Use the backorder search engine by navigating to MANAGE PRODUCTS > BACKORDER using the Control Panel.
  • Use keywords, expiry dates, and other parameters to find domains of interest.
  • Expiring domains with known deletion dates display FINAL BACKORDER DATE, which informs users of the cutoff time for backorder submission.
  • Press the "backorder" button to request a backorder application, which will then have the status of REQUESTED.
  • Please note that backorder applications with the status INCOMPLETE are the result of not having pre-made domain contact handles (contact handles can be created by navigating to MANAGE PRODUCTS > CONTACT ADMIN)

Step 2: Securing Refundable Deposit

  • Three days and unto 24 hours prior to the deletion date of any domain, HEXONET will try to secure a refundable deposit from an user's account balance.
  • Please ensure account balances have enough funds to secure deposits for all backorders expiring within the three day window, otherwise, some or all backorder applications will not be processed.
  • Refundable deposits are displayed in the upper right corner as "Reserved Deposits".
  • When a reserved deposit is secured for a pending backorder, the status of the backorder changes to ACTIVE.
  • Backorder applications that can't secure deposits because of insufficient account funds, remain as either REQUESTED or in INACTIVE status; an email notification will be sent informing those with insufficient funds.

Step 3: Processing Backorder on Deletion Date

  • On the deletion (FINALIZATION DATE) for a domain, the status of a backorder for the respective domain changes to PROCESSING, meaning attempts to register the domain are in progress.
  • If the registration of the backorder fails, the backorder application status will be set to FAILED; an email notification of the failed attempt will be sent.
  • Reserved deposits for failed backorders are immediately and automatically refunded back to a user's account balance.

Step 4: Allocation of Successful Single Backorders

  • Applies to backorders that have been successfully acquired by HEXONET and ONLY ONE backorder application has been placed with HEXONET for the expiring domain.
  • The reserved deposit for a backorder is then released and used for registering the domain (minimum registration period); an email notification is sent out.
  • The status of the backorder changes to SUCCESSFUL and the domain is allocated to the winning user's account, which then can be fully manage.

Step 5: Allocation of Successful Backorders with Multiple Backorder Applications

  • Applies to backorders that have been successfully acquired by HEXONET and MORE THAN ONE backorder application has been placed with HEXONET for the expiring domain.
  • To equitably allocate the acquired domain, HEXONET's auction partner, is used to auction off the domain.
  • The status of the backorder application changes to AUCTION-PENDING.
  • An email with auction details is sent out to all HEXONET customers who placed a backorder on the expiring domain. Customers are responsible for registering with the auction provider before the auction begins.
  • Once registered with the auction provider, various emails from the auctioneer will be sent about the respective domain auction.
  • For the winner of the auction, the backorder application in the HEXONET Control Panel changes status to AUCTION-WON.
  • Once Payment is secured, HEXONET sends the winner the Authorization Code for the domain, which can then be used to transfer the domain to a HEXONET user account or to another registrar.
  • For those who lose the auction, their reserved deposit for the respective backorder is immediately and automatically refunded back into their account balance.

Auctioning of multiple backordered domains

Does HEXONET offer private auctions for domains with multiple backorders?

HEXONET has specialized in the acquisition and grabbing of expiring domains. This is why we have a wide variety of TLDs to backorder, as well as, have a high degree of success in acquiring domains. In the case there are multiple backorders for the same domain, an auction with ONLY those who backordered the domain in the first place, otherwise known as a Private Auction, will be used. Since many backorders end up being single backorders anyways, as well as, the fact that ONLY those who originally placed backorder can be invited to a Private Auction makes it worthwhile to backorder all expiring domains right away.

For domain with multiple backorders that go to auction, how long will it take for the auction to start?

Auction start times vary and are dependent on our third party auction provider. Typically, auctions start within 3 working days after the registration of the domain. Likewise, after an auction ends, it usually takes about 3 days to finish the after-sales process. Auction email notifications are sent to all users who placed a backorder on the respective domain.

Backorder prices

Where are HEXONET's domain backorders prices?

Searching and submitting backorders are completely free at HEXONET. Three days prior to a domain expiring, a refundable deposit in the amount of the backorder fee is secured just in case the expiring domain is successfully acquired and HEXONET can allocated to a user's account. Backorder fees are available online at HEXONET's homepage in the lower right corner (price list link) or in the Control Panel at "Manage Products > Backorder > Prices".

How successful is HEXONET's Backordering service

How does HEXONET recognize when a domain is deleting and how successful is HEXONET at acquiring these domains?

Many registries publish deletion-pending lists, as well as, make deletion dates available for individual domains (WHOIS). And though knowledge of deletion times are nice, the value in the HEXONET system is our advanced technology that greatly increases our chances of acquiring these domains in the face of other systems. It's our secret.

API support

Is it possible to create, manage, and delete backorders through HEXONET's API?

Yes! The respective API commands can be found here (Domain Backorder Commands). The only function not available through the API is the ability to query pending deletions. This query is massive and is only available via a zipped download on a hourly basis here.

Domains of HEXONET customers

Why don't the deletion-pending lists contain domains owned by HEXONET customers?

Some TLDs allow restoration of domains AFTER EXPIRATION. As a result and to secure the rights of our existing customers (legal obligation), HEXONET domains are not published in our deletion-pending lists or queries.


Between the time a backordered domain is acquired by HEXONET and the time the domain is paid for and assigned to user account, who is the owner of the domain?

Domains are registered to HEXONET GmbH and is reflected in the owner and admin contact during the transition window. HEXONET is operating as a trustee, which is validated by the sales invoice generated for the winning backorder customer. An authorization code provided to the winning backorder customer allows transfer a domain into their name.

Domain Backorder Alerts

Never Miss an Opportunity - Be Notified with Domain Backorder Alerts!

Simply login to your account through the Control Panel and navigate to "Manage Products > Backorders > Backorder Alerts". Then just add one or more keywords of your choice, select any additional options you like, and enter the email address where the alert should be sent. Then anytime a domain with the entered keyword(s) is about to expire, an email notification will automatically be sent.