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Comodo is now Sectigo

Comodo's CA was acquired by Francisco Partners in late 2017. With this new partnership, Comodo is expanding beyond SSL and has demonstrate a renewed commitment to innovation, digital transformation and service. As a result of this, they have rebranded Comodo to Sectigo!

Following the rebranding, product name changes will be effective starting January 2019. You'll soon start seeing certificates issued by Sectigo instead of Comodo over time. However, this change will happen gradually and seamlessly. It will not affect existing products and Comodo Authority roots will remain trusted.

You can see a list of product name changes in the following section below.

Product Name Changes

The product name change will be reflected on HEXONET's website and Control Panel. However, this does not affect existing API implementation or price relations.

Original Name New Name Still using the same class name
Comodo SSL Wildcard Sectigo DV SSL Widcard COMODO_SSL_WILDCARD
Comodo Instant SSL Sectigo Instant SSL COMODO_INSTANTSSL
Comodo Instant SSL Premium Sectigo Instant SSL Premium COMODO_INSTANTSSL_PREMIUM
Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard Sectigo Premium SSL Wildcard COMODO_PREMIUMSSL_WILDCARD
Comodo Positive SSL Sectigo Positive SSL COMODO_POSITIVESSL
Comodo Essential SSL Sectigo Essential SSL COMODO_ESSENTIALSSL
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard Sectigo Essential SSL Wildcard COMODO_ESSENTIALSSL_WILDCARD


Q: What will change within HEXONET?

A: All references to Comodo will be removed and replaced with Sectigo. The product names for SSL certificates will be changed as well.

Q: Do I need to reinstall my SSL certificate with the rebranding?

A: No. All existing Comodo products will not be affected by the new change.

Q: Will existing SSL certificates continue to be trusted?

A: Yes. The rebranding does not impact existing products.

Q: Do I need to make changes to my API implementation?

A: No. Legacy Comodo product names will be backwards compatible so all existing API implementation will work the same as it did before.

You can also visit [Sectigo’s FAQ] for a helpful overview.