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API access

These are the current methods of getting access to the HEXONET system:

HTTP / HTTPS High Performance Proxy Setup (using Apache2's proxy module)

EPP EPP access using the Net::DRI perl library



Download: SMTP-Gateway

Download: SOAP-Gateway

Download: XMLRPC-Gateway

Base URL

The base url, in order to connect to our system is

The base url, in order to connect to our OT&E (Testbed System) is:

Event management

A really important feature to track all domain-transactions. Normally you can poll all domain-events by using the commands: StatusEvent, QueryEventlist and DeleteEvent. Alternatively you can use the option Receive Events over POP3. Please note that you should always choose only one method to avoid inconstancies.

HEXONET informs you via email about all events via the PushEvents feature. PushEvents is an additional event messaging service to store and process all product-related events on your side. Inform your client about outgoing/incoming transfers, successful registrations and many more. It can also be used as a backup solution for your own security.

System API error codes

Please find below a list of all API - Error CODES:

System usage restrictions

HEXONET Renewal System

The HEXONET Renewal System manages the lifecycle of an object, based on several parameters which are described briefly on the following pages:

API commands

Core commands

Download: Core API