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DNS in Control Panel

New changes to DNS Service in the Control Panel will be applied starting on October 15th, 2018

The following are information relating to HEXONET's DNS Service, including how to create and manage DNS zone, using HEXONET's DNS with your domain and DNSSEC support. To learn more about Premium DNS, go to Premium DNS


DNS Service Restrictions

Basic DNS

Basic DNS is available only for domains that are registered with HEXONET.

However, Basic DNS is not available for subdomains even if the parent domain is registered with HEXONET. To create a DNS zone for subdomains, it must be created with Premium DNS.

Premium DNS

Premium DNS is available for any domain names, regardless if it is registered with HEXONET or not.

DNS Service Structure

DNS Use Case

Create new DNS zone with Basic DNS

Create new DNS zone with Premium DNS

Upgrade from Basic DNS to Premium DNS

Upgrade to a higher tiered Premium DNS plan

Renew Premium DNS zone

Add and manage records

Enable or disable DNSSEC for Premium DNS zone

=== View analytics for Premium DNS zone ===