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These are the current methods of getting access to the HEXONET system:

HEXONET now offers as probably the first provider worldwide access to our domain-robot via a real EPP 1.0 (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) strict to RFC 4930-4933. EPP is the recommended RFC 4930-4933 communication-protocol between Domain-Registars and the respective Registries. With this EPP Implementation you now have access to more than 200 different TLDs through one single protocol. In the event that you hold different own accreditations then you now also have the possibility of managing your accreditation through RegistrarOC and connect to them through EPP.

We also provide an EPP Demonstrator where you can easily execute EPP commands in our OT&E environment.

EPP Gateway Information

EPP production environment:

Login: Your Username
Password: Your Password

EPP Testbed / OTE:

Login: Your Username
Password: Your Password

Domain commands

These commands are neccessary to handle your domainnames e.g. Common domain commands, Host/Nameserver commands, Contact commands, Domain registry specific commands, Domain transfers, Branding, Control-Panel.

All API commands can be executed via email templates sent to will also be the sender email address of HEXONET´s API call answers. To send emails to the API in OT&E mode, please use as recipient address. Please note that you first have to create an OT&E account before you start with testing. Get your OT&E account now!

Your login credentials and the API command which should be executed has to be submitted in the message body. Further you can submit some kind of transaction ID in the subject line. The HEXONET system will pass this subject to the response email.

Example of an email to register a domain

 s_login =
 s_pw = secret_password
 s_user =
 command = Addomain
 domain  =