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New Anycast DNS


Our brand new DNS service

HEXONET has recently upgraded its entire DNS service, with the support of our colleagues in the CentralNic Registry DNS team. Old servers have been retired and a brand new, state-of-the-art Anycast network has taken their place. 13 nodes in 5 continents, with hundreds of servers split in 3 separate clouds ensure that your domains resolve fast and securely all over the world. Our average response time has dropped from 131 to 28 milliseconds, a level of performance that most providers can barely dream of.

DNS is a fundamental piece of a domain offering and we believe all customers should have access to a solid and secure DNS infrastructure.

This is why we are retiring our old Premium DNS offering and are making this new DNS service our standard option for all domains registered through HEXONET.

Beginning April 1st, we will no longer charge for any Premium DNS subscription and it will not be possible to activate new Premium DNS subscriptions.

Resellers and Customers will still be able to manage these zones as before through our API and interfaces. Over the coming weeks, we will be removing all references to Premium DNS from our interfaces and making it easier for you to manage all your DNS zones together. During this transition period you might see references to Premium DNS and receive renewal notices for Premium DNS zones, but no charges will be applied.

Manage Legacy DNS Zones

A number of DNS zones that were created before October 15th, 2018 and where HEXONET is NOT the registrar of the domain (External) are currently still classified as Legacy DNS zones. These DNS zones will continue to operate unaffected and unchanged under the original agreed terms and conditions, including the monthly service fees. While we do plan to convert LEGACY DNS zones to regular zones in the coming weeks, To help us speed up the clean up process, Resellers with active Legacy zones are strongly encouraged to convert them to regular Premium DNS zones (as mentioned above, the "premium" label will remain but no charge will apply to these converted zones).

  • Customers can convert and upgrade these Legacy DNS zones into the standard Premium DNS at anytime through the API or the Control Panel.

Using Control Panel

Legacy DNS zones will be listed under DNS Service > Legacy DNS Zones


Using API

You can see all of your Legacy DNS zones with the following command:

COMMAND = QueryDNSZoneList
WIDE = 1

To upgrade your Legacy DNS zone to Premium DNS, you must first determine if the zone is internal or external using STATUSDNSZONE:

DNSZONE = (DNS zone name)

Upgrade External Legacy DNS zone

If STATUSDNSZONE returns PREMIUMDNSCLASS as LEGACY, the zone is external. Example command:

DNSZONE = (DNS zone name)

CODE = 200
DESCRIPTION = Command completed successfully
PROPERTY[PREMIUMDNS][0] = (Premium DNS object ID)

To upgrade this zone, execute the following command:

COMMAND = UpgradePremiumDNS
CLASS = (Premium DNS plan)
OBJECTID = (Premium DNS object ID)

Upgrade Internal Legacy DNS zone

If STATUSDNSZONE does not return PREMIUMDNSCLASS property, the zone is internal. To upgrade this zone, execute the following command:

COMMAND = CreatePremiumDNS
DNSZONE = (DNS zone name)
CLASS = (Premium DNS plan)