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Registrant Verification

ICANN now stipulates that as a Registrant of a domain name or by changing your name or email address for existing domains, you need to verify your contact information. For new registrations you must verify your email address. For changes to existing domain names, you must verify the name or email modification. Please note that without timely verification (15 days) of your email address or modified contact information, you can't fully manage your domain name and your domain name will stop resolving after its respective Verification Deadline Date.

The combination of Name, Organization and e-Mail address will verified. It will not verified single contact handles or domains. That means, you can use one or several contact handles, with the same already confirmed content, for several domains.

Registrant verification.png


1. Which TLDs are affected of the Registrant Verification policy?
There are all gTLDs and nTLDs are affected