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Internal (user) domain transfers

Usertransfers can be used for transfering domain objects internally between HEXONET resellers.

Usertransfers for gTLDs COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, NAME, MOBI, TEL & ASIA are billed exactly the same way as regular transfers. As a result, when an internal transfer is initiated by a reseller (with authorization code), the reseller will be immediately charged the renewal fee for the respective domain, if applicable. As always, if a transfer fails, like regular transfers, all fees are automatically refunded. Conversely, if the transfers succeeds, this will trigger an explicit renewal (when applicable) for the domain at the respective registry.

Usertransfers for all other TLDs are free of charge.


  • The domain must already exist within the HEXONET System
  • No former transfer request should be active when submitting the request
  • It is not allowed that the domain changes the Registrar-Account (REPOSITORY)

How does a user transfer work ?

1. User B requests the transfer

command = TransferDomain
action = usertransfer
domain = <DOMAIN>


auth = <AUTH>

2. User A receives an EVENT message of the HEXONET system. From now on he has got the possibility to:


command = TransferDomain
action = deny
domain = <DOMAIN>



command = TransferDomain
action = approve
domain = <DOMAIN>

In case that user A does not react to this EVENT within 5 days, the transfer will neither be

1. Auto approved - in case that the transfer has been requested with a valid authorization code. After the approval, the domain is with user B.


2. Auto denied - in case that the transfer has been requested without stating an authorization code. The domain will stay with user A.