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<p><strong style="color:red;">Recent New Features</strong></p>
<p><strong style="color:red;">Recent New Features</strong></p>
<li>migrated deprecated functions to new framework</li>
<li>additional domain fields for: .ro</li>
<li>minor template changes</li>
<li>fix for .EU Auth code generation</li>
<li>DNS Zone created automatically when adding a DNS record if no DNS Zone existing</li>
<li>DNS Zone created automatically when adding a DNS record if no DNS Zone existing</li>
<li>fix for download link in the Hexonet Widget</li>
<li>fix for download link in the Hexonet Widget</li>

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WHMCS Modules

Getting Started

Getting Started Guide: Start selling domains with HEXONET & WHMCS

Securing your WHMCS installation

How to secure your WHMCS installation

List of available modules

ISPAPI Registrar Module - compatible with all WHMCS versions (Version 1.0.52, 2017-10-12)
ISPAPI High Performance DomainChecker Module - compatible with WHMCS 7 (Version 7.2.0, 2017-08-07)
ISPAPI Backorder Module - compatible with WHMCS 7 (Version 1.1.0, 2017-09-06)
ISPAPI SSL Module - compatible with WHMCS 7 (Version 7.0.0, 2017-05-19)
ISPAPI Pricing Importer Module - compatible with WHMCS 7 (Version 2.0, 2017-07-20)

ISPAPI Backorder Module

Download Module: Backorder Module (Version 1.1.0, 2017-09-06)

Recent New Features

  • migrated deprecated functions to new framework
  • reduced number of cron jobs
  • minor bug fixes
  • minor template changes
  • High Performance Drop-Catching Technology
  • Supports many Afilias, CentralNic, Donuts and Rightside TLDs
  • Supports ccTLDs: AG .BZ .CC .CH .CO .DE .FM .LC .LI .ME .MN .SC .TV .US .VC
  • Extra Commissions are Paid to Resellers for Successful Backorders
  • Backorders are Free to Place and the Backorder Fee is Paid Only on Successful Registration
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
  • Multi-lingual (available in English, German with more to come)
  • Includes a Backorder Domain Name Search Engine
  • Automatic Drop List Update
  • Auction Platform for Handling Multiple Backorders
  • Easy to Install and Operate

ISPAPI Registrar Module

Download Module: Registrar Module (Version 1.0.52, 2017-10-12)
for the use of WHMCS with HEXONET/1API as domain registrar (latest version)

Recent New Features

  • additional domain fields for: .ro
  • fix for .EU Auth code generation
  • DNS Zone created automatically when adding a DNS record if no DNS Zone existing
  • fix for download link in the Hexonet Widget
  • save module version in user environment to allow faster problem resolution
  • added DNSSEC Management functionality (Can be configured in the Registrar Module Settings)
  • improvements in the DNS Management (X-HTTP)
  • improvement in the TransferSync function: set expirydate to paiduntildate when failuredate > paiduntildate
  • update in the HEXONET Widget
  • support additional domain fields for .eco
  • new .li, .se, .ch and .sg change of registrant page
  • additional domain fields file update (,,,, .lv, .pt, .no)
  • fix for issues in Pending Module Actions - Clicking Retry triggered an error message but the request was still sent in the background
  • Hexonet Widget optimized and now compatible with WHMCS 7
  • registrar module updated and now compatible with WHMCS 7 (+backward compatibility)
  • additional domain fields location change (please read README.pdf)
  • displays the connection state directly in the module configuration
  • fix for .CA Registrant WHOIS Privacy and .CA Change of Registrant templates
  • fix for .IT Change of Registrant template
  • Improvements in the SRV support. (See documentation in the README.pdf)
  • support additional domain fields for: .cn
  • fix for updating domain contacts (OWNER, ADMIN, TECH, BILLING) issue when using existing contacts in WHMCS
  • resolved transfer issues
  • fix for .SE transfer issue
  • support for .SWISS domain registration. (Please read the documentation)
  • fix issue displaying a "/" at the end of the host name in URL redirections
.berlin .ruhr .hamburg .bayern .jp .de .eu .sg .se .ca .aero .travel .us .fr .pm
.re .tf .wf .yt .jobs .pro .hk .fi .se .dk
.it .quebec .scot .nyc .es

ISPAPI Pricing Importer Module

Download Module: Pricing Importer Module (Version 2.1, 2017-10-12)

Key features:

Quickly import TLDs and pricing for the TLDs into WHMCS.

  • migrated deprecated functions to new framework
  • minor template changes
  • design and usability optimizations
  • load TLDs with prices through three possible ways: HEXONET costs, HEXONET Price Classes or custom CSV file
  • bulk price update by using a factor or a fixed amount
  • support for different currencies
  • flexible performance of step-wise pricing imports (wizard)
  • edition of prices individually
  • Download a Reseller's current domain list (generated on the fly)
  • TLDs with pricing can be added or edited through a file
  • File changes can be uploaded to activate

ISPAPI High Performance DomainChecker Module - New Generation

Download Module: High Performance DomainChecker Module - compatible with WHMCS 7.0. (Version 7.2.0, 2017-08-07)
The documentation is included in the ZIP file.

Recent New Features:

  • added whois fallback to WHMCS's DomainLookup when HEXONET's QueryDomainWhoisInfo API command is limited (special case for .CH and .LI)
  • added backorder button in the search results (only when ISPAPI Backorder Module is installed)
  • design optimization
  • compatible with WHMCS 7.0 or higher
  • compatible with PHP 7
  • user interface redesign
  • new README.pdf
  • Workaround for users that do not have mb_detect_encoding function in PHP
  • Fixed incorrect currency used when customer is logged in
  • Fixed premium pricing issue
  • Fixed the blank page issue with the domainchecker
  • security vulnerabilities fixed
  • domainchecker now responsive
  • premium domains not displayed in the renewal list (will be renewed over the product)

Key features:

  • fix for issue in the domain pricing list (mydomainchecker.php)
  • fix for issue due to upper-lower case problem in language files (Failed opening required files)
  • fix for issue when trying to transfer or order hosting only from the startpage (blank page/php error)
  • fix for issue in new PHP versions (deprecated functions replaced)
  • HEXONET and ISPAPI registrar Updates
  • High-performance Domain Availability Checks using our registrar API
  • Search can be triggered over the URL (domainchecker.php?
  • Support for the new gTLDs (.BIKE, .EMAIL, .SEXY, and many others ...)
  • Support of Namemedia Aftermarket premium domains
  • Support of Donuts, RightSide, .BUILD, .CEO & .MENU Registry premium domains
  • Categorization of the TLDs in 2 levels for an improved user experience
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Ajax driven search (no page reload)
  • Easy to install

A public demo site is available at: (demo/demo)


Download Module: SSL Module (Version 7.0.0, 2017-05-19)
for the registration of SSL certificates in WHMCS with HEXONET/1API as certificate provider (latest version)