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WHMCS Modules

Getting Started

Getting Started Guide: Start selling domains with HEXONET & WHMCS

Securing your WHMCS installation

How to secure your WHMCS installation

List of available modules

ISPAPI Registrar Module - compatible with all WHMCS versions Changelog
ISPAPI High Performance DomainChecker Module - compatible with WHMCS 7
ISPAPI Backorder Module - compatible with WHMCS 7
ISPAPI SSL Module - compatible with WHMCS 7
ISPAPI Pricing Importer Module - compatible with WHMCS 7

ISPAPI Backorder Module

Download Module: Backorder Module (Version 1.1.3, 2018-06-19)

Recent New Features

  • fix for compatibility issues with >PHP7.0
  • fix for special characters in user password
  • migrated deprecated functions to new framework
  • reduced number of cron jobs
  • minor bug fixes
  • minor template changes
  • High Performance Drop-Catching Technology
  • Supports many Afilias, CentralNic, and Donuts TLDs, among others
  • Supports ccTLDs: AG .BZ .CC .CH .CO .DE .FM .LC .LI .ME .MN .SC .TV .US .VC
  • Extra Commissions are Paid to Resellers for Successful Backorders
  • Backorders are Free to Place and the Backorder Fee is Paid Only on Successful Registration
  • Multiple Currencies Supported
  • Multi-lingual (available in English, German with more to come)
  • Includes a Backorder Domain Name Search Engine
  • Automatic Drop List Update
  • Auction Platform for Handling Multiple Backorders
  • Easy to Install and Operate

ISPAPI Pricing Importer Module

Download Module: Pricing Importer Module (Version 2.4, 2018-05-07)

Key features:

Quickly import TLDs and pricing for the TLDs into WHMCS.

  • fix for compatibility issue with PHP(7.1/7.2)
  • fix for special characters in password
  • fix for incorrect Renew and Transfer prices
  • migrated deprecated functions to new framework
  • minor template changes
  • design and usability optimizations
  • load TLDs with prices through three possible ways: HEXONET costs, HEXONET Price Classes or custom CSV file
  • bulk price update by using a factor or a fixed amount
  • support for different currencies
  • flexible performance of step-wise pricing imports (wizard)
  • edition of prices individually
  • Download a Reseller's current domain list (generated on the fly)
  • TLDs with pricing can be added or edited through a file
  • File changes can be uploaded to activate

ISPAPI High Performance DomainChecker Module - New Generation

Download Module: High Performance DomainChecker Module - compatible with WHMCS 7.0. (Version 7.3.3, 2018-08-07)
The documentation is included in the ZIP file.

Recent New Features:

  • fix for "Transfer" button issue on the Homepage
  • the domainchecker is now checking all supported TLDs over API, even if the TLD is not configured with ispapi/hexonet
  • minor changes in the template
  • minor fixes in the domainchecker template
  • MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: ISPAPI Registrar Module v1.0.53 at least
  • complete relaunch of the user interface
  • integration of API Suggestion Engine
  • premium domains support simplified (Premium domains now supported in WHMCS)
  • manual adding of pricing for premium domains no more required, prices are taken from the API, markup (in %) can be defined by the reseller in WHMCS directly
  • removed sub-categories (only 1 level of categories will be displayed)
  • added button to add default categories
  • adding/removing of elements to/from the cart instantly possible in the search results
  • renewal pricing displayed in the search results
  • Language files have been updated
  • workflow update for Aftermarket Premium Domains (They were not added properly to the cart)
  • fix for special characters in user password

Key features:

  • fix for issue in the domain pricing list (mydomainchecker.php)
  • fix for issue due to upper-lower case problem in language files (Failed opening required files)
  • fix for issue when trying to transfer or order hosting only from the startpage (blank page/php error)
  • fix for issue in new PHP versions (deprecated functions replaced)
  • HEXONET and ISPAPI registrar Updates
  • High-performance Domain Availability Checks using our registrar API
  • Search can be triggered over the URL (domainchecker.php?
  • Support for the new gTLDs (.BIKE, .EMAIL, .SEXY, and many others ...)
  • Support of Namemedia Aftermarket premium domains
  • Support of Donuts, .BUILD, .CEO & .MENU Registry premium domains
  • Categorization of the TLDs in 2 levels for an improved user experience
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Ajax driven search (no page reload)
  • Easy to install

A public demo site is available at: (demo/demo)


Download Module: SSL Module (Version 7.0.0, 2017-05-19)
for the registration of SSL certificates in WHMCS with HEXONET/1API as certificate provider (latest version)