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Web Apps


"Web apps" are services which allow their customers to use their own domain, that is to associate their domain with their web app account. Many online services, such as blogging and email platforms, offer their users the option to use their own domain.

Connecting Domains

Anyone can add a connection using the "UpdateDNSZone" command.

In general, the command will contain one or more of the following elements:

  • An : this will copy the relevant DNS settings from a reference zone to the desired zone set in the command. It will also delete any resource records of the same type for the specified DNS zone (e.g. for your root domain). Your zone will be automatically updated accordingly if there are any changes to the reference zone. You can learn more about the X-ALIAS-<RR> system (alias xDNS record sets) here.
  • Custom resource record(s): these will be specific to the web app, and may or may not differ for each customer using that web app. For example, a web app provider may specify a random CNAME host/destination to be used by a customer when connecting their domain.
  • Deletion of resource records: this will delete existing X-ALIAS-<RR> record(s), removing any existing web apps utilizing the same type of resource records.

Supported Web Apps and API Commands

Web App API Command 3600 IN X-ALIAS-A
one test 2 test
Name Data More data
cats 273 53
dogs 65 8,492
mice 1,649 548