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API StatusDomain


The SetDomainRenewalMode command sets the Domain Renewal Mode used by the Renewal System.

IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the Domain API-Manual for a current list of allowed parameters.

SetDomainRenewalMode allows you to set the renewalmode on a per domain basis; the following modes are permitted:

AUTORENEW: the system pays the domain renewal internally if the domain has renewalmode AUTORENEW. Hence the PREPAIDPERIOD is increased.

AUTODELETE: the system will send a deletion command for the domain name on failure date

AUTOEXPIRE: the system let the domain expire on the so-called failure date, often this is equal to a deletion, but for some TLDs like .DE, another procedure apply (.de: "TRANSIT"; .at: "BILLWITHDRAW")

With the optional parameter PERIOD you are able to set a .DE domain name to monthly renewal or back to yearly.

Please have a look at the HEXONET Renewal System to understand how the system internal renewal works and the StatusDomain command to see which renewal information are available for a domain.


command = SetDomainRenewalMode
domain = (DOMAIN)
period = 1Y | 1M


code        = (CODE)
description = (DESCRIPTION)