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API StatusDomain


The StatusDomain command enables you to check the current status of a domain name. It gives information about the created date, expiration, renewal mode, transfer-lock, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the Domain API_manual for a list of allowed parameters.


 command = StatusDomain
 domain = (DOMAIN)


code        = (CODE)
description = (DESCRIPTION)

property[createdby][0] = <TEXT>
property[createddate][0] = <DATE>
property[updatedby][0] = <TEXT>
property[updateddate][0] = <DATE>
property[registrar][0] = <TEXT>
property[registrationexpirationdate][0] = <DATE>
property[auth][0] = <TEXT>
property[status][n] = <DOMAINSTATUS>
property[nameserver][n] = <NAMESERVER>
property[ownercontact][n] = <CONTACT>
property[admincontact][n] = <CONTACT>
property[techcontact][n] = <CONTACT>
property[billingcontact][n] = <CONTACT>

renewal relevant information

The following response properties exist:

# system internal created / updated / transfer date
PROPERTY[CREATEDDATE][0]=2001-01-20 13:40:16
PROPERTY[UPDATEDDATE][0]=2009-02-26 08:17:04
PROPERTY[TRANSFERDATE][0]=2008-01-26 09:43:50

# domain renewal mode is set to AUTORENEW
# next action is the finalization of the domain on 2016-03-04 13:40:16
# the domain is prepaid for 2 years (till 2018-01-19 13:40:16)
PROPERTY[NEXTACTIONDATE][0]=2016-03-04 13:40:16
PROPERTY[PAIDUNTILDATE][0]=2018-01-19 13:40:16

# accounting period
# the accounting of the domain will be on expiration date (if not already explicitly paid before) 

# accounting date
# the domain annual renewal fee will be charged on 2018-01-19 13:40:16
PROPERTY[ACCOUNTINGDATE][0]=2018-01-19 13:40:16

# finalization period
# the finalization period is 44 days after the expiration date

# finalization date
# on the finalization date the prepaid fees will be fixed and cannot be refunded anymore
PROPERTY[FINALIZATIONDATE][0]=2016-03-04 13:40:16

# failure period
# the failure period is 44 days after the expiration date

# failure date
# on the failure date the domain will be deleted (renewalmode AUTODELETE), expired (renewalmode AUTOEXPIRE)
# If previous autorenew attempts failed because on insufficient credit / account termination the object will be expired too. 
PROPERTY[FAILUREDATE][0]=2018-03-04 13:40:16

# XIRCA system internal expiration date
PROPERTY[EXPIRATIONDATE][0]=2016-01-20 13:40:16

# registry expirationd ate

Please have a look at HEXONET Renewal System to understand how the system internal renewal works.