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Every day, thousands of valuable domains expire and become available for open registration. HEXONET's high-performance backordering service can improve your chances of obtaining these expiring domains quickly, easily, and with more success. HEXONET Backorder service covers hundreds of different TLDs, making it a leader in terms of TLD selection anywhere industry-wide. All Backorder API commands and information can be found here.

Name Backorder
Acronym None
Available Backorders
gTLD: .ASIA, .BIZ, .COM, .INFO, .MOBI, .NET, .ORG and more - Full list
ccTLD: .CA, .CC, .CH, .CO, .LI, .ME, .NU, .SE, .TV, .US and more - Full list
Document Downloads
Downloads Backorder Reference
Backorder Quickstart
Commands Backorder commands
Domain Backorder Commands
Legal Documents
Agreements TBA
Others TBA


How does it works

Resellers can place Backorders at anytime via the web-interface or through the API.

These Backorders remain dormant in the system until the requested domain is scheduled to be deleted by the Registry. Backorders in this condition have the status REQUESTED in the system.

Once a release date for the domain has been determined, a Finalization Date is calculated by the system. This is the deadline until which new orders for the domain are accepted by the system. This is also the deadline to cancel existing Backorders. Reseller can check the Finalization Date of a specific domain by checking the pending delete lists or through the Backorder search function. This information is also provided by the system when querying existing Backorders.

3 days before the Finalization Date, the Backorder system will lock the funds necessary to cover the cost of the Backorder in the Reseller's account, according to the listed price for the specific Reseller's tier. Once funds have been secured, the status of the order turns to "ACTIVE".

If the Reseller account does not hold enough funds to cover the cost of the Backorder, the system will keep retrying until the Finalization date.

Only orders for which we were able to secure funds before the finalization date will be considered valid. Once the finalization date has passed, these orders will have the status "PROCESSING" in the system. The system will only attempt to register domains for which at least one valid order exists. Also, in case our system catches a domain for which multiple valid orders have been received, only those customers with valid orders will be invited to the auction.

The lock on the funds in the deposit is released shortly after the Backorders are processed and the system has attempted to register the domain.

In case the system fails to register the domain, no charges are applied to the Reseller account.

In case of success, the next step will depend on the number of valid orders received for that domain. In case of a single valid order, the system will finalize the charge of the amount that was locked for the Backorder in the Reseller's account. In case of multiple valid orders, a private auction will take place among the customers that had submitted those orders.

The image below shows the possible outcomes of Backorders processing, and the statuses that Backorders have in our system in the various processing phases.



In case the Backorder system is successful in registering a domain for which multiple valid orders had received, an auction will take place on a dedicated auction portal at

The customers who submitted the backorders will receive an email directly from the auction platform inviting them to register an account to participate in the auction. Auctions are private, so only customers who had previously placed a valid Backorder are invited to participate.

  • Bidding: 5.00 USD increments
  • Currency: Only USD at this time
  • Auction Duration: 3 Days - If a bid is placed in the last 2 minutes auctions are then extended by 2 more minutes
  • Proxy Bids: Supported

Upon completion of an auction, the winner has 7 days to pay the auction price. The following payment options are available:

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

Domain-Backorder Commands

The respective API commands to create, manage, and delete backorders through API can be found here:

Download: Backorder Reference with further information and examples.
Download: Backorder Quickstart

Access: Login to the control panel and navigate to Manage Products > Backorder Conduct searches on upcoming expiring domains Place and manage backorders.

Domain Backorder FAQ

Backorder prices

Where are HEXONET's domain backorders prices?

Searching and submitting backorders are completely free at HEXONET. Three days prior to a domain expiring, a refundable deposit in the amount of the backorder fee is secured just in case the expiring domain is successfully acquired and HEXONET can allocated to a user's account. Backorder fees are available online at HEXONET's homepage in the lower right corner (price list link) or in the Control Panel at "Manage Products > Backorder > Prices".

How successful is HEXONET's Backordering service

How does HEXONET recognize when a domain is deleting and how successful is HEXONET at acquiring these domains?

Many registries publish deletion-pending lists, as well as, make deletion dates available for individual domains (WHOIS). And though knowledge of deletion times are nice, the value in the HEXONET system is our advanced technology that greatly increases our chances of acquiring these domains in the face of other systems. It's our secret.

API support

Is it possible to create, manage, and delete backorders through HEXONET's API?

Yes! The respective API commands can be found here (Domain Backorder Commands). The only function not available through the API is the ability to query pending deletions. This query is massive and is only available via a zipped download on a hourly basis here.


Between the time a backordered domain is acquired by HEXONET and the time the domain is paid for and assigned to user account, who is the owner of the domain?

Domains are registered to HEXONET GmbH and is reflected in the owner and admin contact during the transition window. HEXONET is operating as a trustee, which is validated by the sales invoice generated for the winning backorder customer. An authorization code provided to the winning backorder customer allows transfer a domain into their name.

Domain Backorder Alerts

Never Miss an Opportunity - Be Notified with Domain Backorder Alerts!

Simply login to your account through the Control Panel and navigate to "Manage Products > Backorders > Backorder Alerts". Then just add one or more keywords of your choice, select any additional options you like, and enter the email address where the alert should be sent. Then anytime a domain with the entered keyword(s) is about to expire, an email notification will automatically be sent.


What are Litebackorders?

Litebackorders are backorders with the following characteristics

  • They are less expensive than regular backorders to procure from us
  • They allow resellers to set a different price to that of regular backorders via relations
  • They are FCFS (first come, first serve). Thus there will be no auction, the first person to place a Litebackorder for a domain will have the right to keep it, unless;
  • A regular Backorder takes precedent over a Litebackorder: if there is a Backorder and a Litebackorder for the same domain, if the domain is caught the user that places the regular backorder will keep the domain. There will be no auction between the backorder and litebackorder.

What are the relations involved?

Litebackorder are possible for those domains that you have litebackorders relations for.

Relations are exactly the same of that of regular backorders but instead of using “_BACKORDER_”, “_LITEBACKORDER_” is used. (please refer to the backorder reference -

Examples are:


To summarize, LITEBACKORDERS are yet another subclass for domains.

What is the command to order Litebackorders?

LITEBACKORDERs behave 100% like BACKORDERS when it comes to API. This means that ordering them and also the events and status of each object are the same.

The only change is to replaces CLASS parameter value from BACKORDER to LITEBACKORDER.

Therefore, to order a litebackorder would look like:


COMMAND = AddDomainApplication


AUTH = AUTH code for the new domain name one backorder is successful
OWNERCONTACT0 = contact handle ID of registrant (If not provided the USER will be used)
ADMINCONTACT0 = contact handle ID of the administrative contact
TECHCONTACT0 = contact handle ID of the technical contact
BILLINGCONTACT0 = contact handle ID of the billing contact

What are post drop litebackorder ("daily deals")?

Litebackorder do differ with regular backorder in one more point: they are possible even after the domain FINALIZATIONDATE has passed.

In this case the domain will be registered using our Backorder engine. A reseller can prepare list of domains and instead of attempting themselves to register these domains after the FINALIZATIONDATE, we will take care of this for them. This is very useful for lower tier domains that are generally ignored by the drop and catch services.

Furthermore, these domains can be procured at a lower price than regular registrations using litebackorders pricing.

However this is limited to .NET and .COM domains. Also, the time window when this can be done is limited from 2PM Eastern Time (6PM UTC), around the time the domains start to drop, until midnight ET (4AM UTC, next date).

How to get a post FINALIZATIONDATE qualifying domains?

The list can be checked in our Control Panel or Homepage but the API also provides way to get the list.

It is the same command used to get dropping lists for backorders but it makes use of the MINFINALIZATIONDATE and MAXFINALIZATIONDATE parameters.

COMMAND= QueryDomainPendingDeleteList
MAXFINALIZATIONDATE= 2019-05-31 20:26:52 // The current date time in UTC
MINFINALIZATIONDATE= 2019-05-31 16:00:00 // Recommended to be at least 2 hours before the previous start of the time window at 18:00 UTC

Each domain that is returned, can be purchased using the AddDomainApplication command listed above.

Note that Daily deals may not be available right even after the posted FINALIZATIONDATE; however, we will try to grab the domain as soon as it becomes available.


Last updated: 23/Oct/2020


  • .abogado
  • .academy
  • .accountants
  • .actor
  • .agency
  • .apartments
  • .archi
  • .art
  • .asia
  • .associates
  • .attorney
  • .auction
  • .band
  • .bar
  • .bargains
  • .bayern
  • .beer
  • .bet
  • .bid
  • .bike
  • .bingo
  • .bio
  • .biz
  • .black
  • .blog
  • .blue
  • .boston
  • .boutique
  • .builders
  • .business
  • .cab
  • .cafe
  • .camera
  • .camp
  • .capital
  • .cards
  • .care
  • .careers
  • .casa
  • .cash
  • .casino
  • .catering
  • .center
  • .charity
  • .chat
  • .cheap
  • .church
  • .city
  • .claims
  • .cleaning
  • .clinic
  • .clothing
  • .club
  • .coach
  • .codes
  • .coffee
  • .college
  • .com
  • .community
  • .company
  • .computer
  • .condos
  • .construction
  • .consulting
  • .contractors
  • .cooking
  • .cool
  • .country
  • .coupons
  • .credit
  • .creditcard
  • .cruises
  • .dance
  • .dating
  • .deals
  • .degree
  • .delivery
  • .democrat
  • .dental
  • .dentist
  • .design
  • .diamonds
  • .digital
  • .direct
  • .directory
  • .discount
  • .doctor
  • .dog
  • .domains
  • .education
  • .email
  • .energy
  • .engineer
  • .engineering
  • .enterprises
  • .equipment
  • .estate
  • .events
  • .exchange
  • .expert
  • .exposed
  • .express
  • .fail
  • .family
  • .fans
  • .farm
  • .fashion
  • .finance
  • .financial
  • .fish
  • .fishing
  • .fit
  • .fitness
  • .flights
  • .florist
  • .football
  • .forsale
  • .foundation
  • .fun
  • .fund
  • .furniture
  • .futbol
  • .fyi
  • .gallery
  • .games
  • .garden
  • .gifts
  • .gives
  • .glass
  • .global
  • .gmbh
  • .gold
  • .golf
  • .graphics
  • .gratis
  • .green
  • .gripe
  • .group
  • .guide
  • .guru
  • .haus
  • .healthcare
  • .hockey
  • .holdings
  • .holiday
  • .horse
  • .hospital
  • .host
  • .house
  • .icu
  • .immo
  • .immobilien
  • .industries
  • .info
  • .ink
  • .institute
  • .insure
  • .international
  • .investments
  • .irish
  • .ist
  • .jetzt
  • .jewelry
  • .kaufen
  • .kim
  • .kitchen
  • .land
  • .law
  • .lawyer
  • .lease
  • .legal
  • .lgbt
  • .life
  • .lighting
  • .limited
  • .limo
  • .live
  • .loan
  • .loans
  • .london
  • .love
  • .ltd
  • .ltda
  • .luxe
  • .maison
  • .management
  • .market
  • .marketing
  • .mba
  • .media
  • .memorial
  • .miami
  • .mobi
  • .moda
  • .money
  • .mortgage
  • .movie
  • .net
  • .network
  • .news
  • .ninja
  • .nyc
  • .onl
  • .online
  • .org
  • .partners
  • .parts
  • .pet
  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .pictures
  • .pink
  • .pizza
  • .plumbing
  • .plus
  • .poker
  • .press
  • .pro
  • .productions
  • .properties
  • .protection
  • .pub
  • .recipes
  • .red
  • .rehab
  • .reise
  • .reisen
  • .rent
  • .rentals
  • .repair
  • .report
  • .republican
  • .rest
  • .restaurant
  • .reviews
  • .rip
  • .rocks
  • .rodeo
  • .run
  • .sale
  • .salon
  • .sarl
  • .school
  • .schule
  • .security
  • .services
  • .shiksha
  • .shoes
  • .shop
  • .shopping
  • .show
  • .singles
  • .site
  • .ski
  • .soccer
  • .social
  • .software
  • .solar
  • .solutions
  • .space
  • .srl
  • .storage
  • .store
  • .studio
  • .style
  • .supplies
  • .supply
  • .support
  • .surf
  • .surgery
  • .systems
  • .tax
  • .taxi
  • .team
  • .tech
  • .technology
  • .tennis
  • .theater
  • .theatre
  • .tickets
  • .tienda
  • .tips
  • .tires
  • .today
  • .tools
  • .top
  • .tours
  • .town
  • .toys
  • .training
  • .university
  • .vacations
  • .vegas
  • .ventures
  • .vet
  • .viajes
  • .video
  • .villas
  • .vin
  • .vip
  • .vision
  • .vodka
  • .vote
  • .voyage
  • .watch
  • .website
  • .wedding
  • .wiki
  • .win
  • .wine
  • .work
  • .works
  • .world
  • .wtf
  • .xn--6frz82g
  • .xn--czrs0t
  • .xn--fjq720a
  • .xn--unup4y
  • .xn--vhquv
  • .xyz
  • .yoga
  • .zone


  • .ac
  • .ag **
  • .bz **
  • .ca *
  • .cc
  • .ch
  • .co **
  • .fm
  • .fr
  • .io
  • .it
  • .lc **
  • .li
  • .me
  • .mn
  • .nl
  • .nu *
  • .pw
  • .sc **
  • .se *
  • .sh
  • .tv
  • .uk * **
  • .us
  • .vc **

* Successful backorders completed on a first come, first serve basis only.

** Third Level Domain Backorders are also supported