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Expression of Interest (EOI) for New TLDs

The Expression-of-Interest (EOI) system was introduced to handle the large amount of new Top-Level-Domains (NewTLDs) from ICANN. Through the EOI system, HEXONET that takes nonbinding requests for clients on domain names that are not yet released. Clients are immediately notified and informed on any status changes of their requests. This also includes preordering any domain as they are approved by ICANN and made available by their respective registry.

Expression of Interest
Name Expression of Interest
Acronym EOI
Document Downloads
Downloads EOI_and_DomainApplication_Quickstart
Legal Documents
Agreements TBA
Others TBA


Cost and Binding

EOI is a service provided specifically from HEXONET. The cost of the EOI services are free of charge and are not binding. You can delete an EOI at any point in time.

After Placing an EOI

A. If and when the respective newTLD is approved by ICANN and the TLD is placed in the Internet's Root (required for a TLD's domains to resolve on the Internet), HEXONET will notify all EOI applications of this important event. Resellers and customers at this time can choose to convert an EOI into a standard Preorder or to delete the EOI completely. Subsequent notices may include the following:

General information about the respective newTLD Information on marketing and product (such as restrictions) Information on launch schedule (such as Sunrise Periods for Trademark and Brand owners, Landrush and/or Go Live) Pricing information for the various launch phases (e.g. for Sunrise, Landrush and GoLive)

Edit and delete

At any point in time, you can edit or delete your EOI.

EOIs are "First-come-first-served" so applying early is recommended.

Converting EOIs to Applications

In order to convert an EOI to a domain application by API (after preorders for the respective TLD have been enabled) you have to use the AddDomainApplication command providing the desired class and the application id or your existing EOI as eoi.:

command = AddDomainApplication
domain =
ownercontact0 = <CONTACT>
admincontact0 = <CONTACT>
techcontact0 = <CONTACT>
billingcontact0 = <CONTACT>
eoi = 12345

Please note that you can only use your EOI once in order to convert it to a domain application. The application index will remain the same.


Download: EOI_and_DomainApplication_Quickstart_v1.6 with further information.
See also: Download: EOI_DomainApplication_Reference_v1.6

Applicable TLDs for EOI

Geographic newTLDs


Generic newTLDs



.москва .ком .орг .онлайн .сайт .닷넷 .コム .みんな .网站 .點看 .新闻 .游戏 .移动 .网店 .世界 .商店 .网址 .大拿 .中文网 .信息 .购物 .点看 .在线 .机构体制 .机构 .คอม .कॉम .नेट .संगठन .‎ابوظبي .‎شبكة .‎بازار .‎كوم .‎موقع קוֹם

Missing TLDs

If you are interested in a newTLD not listed above, please email us at [email protected] and HEXONET will add these requested newTLDs in subsequent EOI releases.