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= TLD specific =
= TLD specific =
=== Registration ===
The registry Max.MD has exclusivity within approx. 92 different countries meaning that .MD domains can only be registered for registrants from these countries. In the event, that the owner changes from e.g. .US to an Austrian entity, then you are no longer able to renew this domain through us. The registrant will receive a renewal notice from Register.MD and the customer can only renew his domain through them.
The countries, where Max.MD has exclusivity are:
* Anguilla (AI)
* Antigua and Barbuda (AG)
* Argentina (AR)
* Bahamas (BS)
* Barbados (BB)
* Belize (BZ)
* Bermuda (BM)
* Bolivia (BO)
* Botswana (BW)
* Brazil (BR)
* British Virgin Islands (VG)
* Cameroon (CM)
* Cayman Islands (KY)
* Chile (CL)
* Colombia (CO)
* Cuba (CU)
* Dominica (DM)
* Dominican Republic (DO)
* Ecuador (EC)
* El Salvador (SV)
* Equatorial Guinea (GQ)
* Fiji Islands (FJ)
* Ghana (GH)
* Gibraltar (GI)
* Grenada (GD)
* Guam (GU)
* Guatemala (GT)
* Guyana (GY)
* Honduras (HN)
* India (IN)
* Indonesia (ID)
* Ireland (IE)
* Jamaica (JM)
* Johnston Atoll (JI)
* Kenya (KE)
* Kiribati (KI)
* Lesotho (LS)
* Liberia (LR)
* Malawi (MW)
* Malta (MT)
* Marshall Islands (MH)
* Mauritius (MU)
* Mexico (MX)
* Micronesia (FM)
* Namibia (NA)
* Nauru (NR)
* New Zealand (NZ)
* Nicaragua (NI)
* Nigeria (NG)
* Norhtern Mariana Islands (MP)
* Palau (PW)
* Panama (PA)
* Papua New Guinea (PG)
* Paraguay (PY)
* Peru (PE)
* Philippines (PH)
* Puerto Rico (PR)
* Samoa (WS)
* Sierra Leone (SL)
* Singapore (SG)
* Solomon Islands (SB)
* South Africa (ZA)
* Spain (ES)
* St. Kitts and Nevis (KN)
* Swaziland (SZ)
* Switzerland (CH)
* Tonga (TO)
* Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
* Tuvalu (TV)
* Uganda (UG)
* Uruguay (UY)
* US Virgin Islands (VI)
* Vanuatu (VU)
* Venezuela (VE)
* Wake Island (WK)
* Zambia (ZM)
* Zimbabwe (ZW)
=== Transfer ===
=== Transfer ===

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.MD is the official country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of the Repbulic of Moldova. Companies located in Moldova, as well as companies or corporations who have business with Moldova, can register .MD domains. Furthermore .MD Domains are used by individuals and corporations related to the medical industry.

Introduced 1994
Country Republic of Moldova
IDN Capable No
Webpage Register .MD


[edit] Registry




Dispute Policy



1api GmbH



5 minutes

Min. Characters


Max. Characters


Character Set
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
  • IDN: not allowed
  • Registrant Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Admin Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Tech Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Billing Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1

{{{Possible Extensions}}}

IDN capable


Restore capable


Handle Updates

Supported (partially)

Registration System


Allowed number of NS

2 to 2

Registry Nameservercheck


Host IP-Addresses Type


Hosts managed as


Root Nameserver Update

several times a day

SEC DNS Interface

not available



Transfer Authcode required


Transfer Real-Time


Transfer Lock


Owner Change by


Trade Periods


[edit] Periods

{{{Possible Extensions}}}

Registration Periods

1-2 years / 5 years

Add Grace Period

0 days

Accounting Period

-42 days

Finalization Period

-36 days

Failure Period

-36 days

Payment Period

-61 days

Deletion Restorable Period

30 days

Deletion Hold Period

0 days

Explicit Renewals


Renewal Periods

1 year

[edit] API

[edit] Domain Registration

Domains can be registered in Real-Time with the API AddDomain command.

command = AddDomain
domain  = (DOMAIN)


ownercontact0 = (CONTACT)
admincontact0 = (CONTACT)
techcontact0 = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0 = (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 = (NAMESERVER)


auth = (TEXT) | (NULL)
period = (PERIOD)
transferlock = 0 | 1 | (NULL)

Further information can be found at TLD specific

[edit] Domain Transfer

command = TransferDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)


ownercontact0 = (CONTACT)
admincontact0 = (CONTACT)
techcontact0 = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)


auth = (TEXT) | (NULL)
period = (PERIOD)
transferlock = 0 | 1 | (NULL)

Further information can be found at TLD specific

[edit] Delete Domain

Domains can be deleted with the API DeleteDomain command.
There is a Deletion Restorable Period of 30 days and a following Deletion Hold Period of 0 days.

command = DeleteDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)

[edit] Restore Domain

Restores can be processed automatically but not in realtime. A restore is possible within 30 days upon deletion. Please use the command RestoreDomain.

[edit] Ownerchange

Ownerchange of .MD domains is not free of charge and must be requested manually. Please contact our support team!

Further information can be found at TLD specific

[edit] TLD specific

[edit] Transfer

After requesting a transfer via the ControlPanel or API command, you have to fill out the "Letter of Transfer" and send to

[edit] Ownerchange

A Change of Registrant is not free of charge.

Please be aware that a change of registrant is only possible as long as the new registrant is citizen of one of the exclusive countries (see Restrictions).

If you want to change the registrant contact of your domain, please contact our support team at

[edit] Nameserver update

Nameserver updates are not free of charge and must be requested manually. Please contact our support team.

[edit] Addons

[edit] RegistrarOC

Restore Process

To restore a domain as a RegistrarOC customer, you simply have to execute the RestoreDomain command. HEXONET directly forwards the restore request to the registry, which performs the restore in short time. As soon as the restore has been completed by the registry, the domain will get assigned to your account with the original domain data.

Please do not initiate a restore directly at the registry (e.g. using the registrar webinterface). All restore operations must be performed through our system.