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Registrant Verification

ICANN stipulates that by being a Registrant of a domain name or by changing the registrant name or email address for existing domains, the registrant needs to verify their contact information. For new registrations, the registrant must verify their email address. For changes to existing domain names, they must verify the name or email modification. Please note that without timely verification (15 days) of the email address or modified contact information, the domain name will stop resolving after its respective Verification Deadline Date.

Registrant verification1.png


  1. Which TLDs are affected of the Registrant Verification policy?

    All gTLDs and nTLDs are affected.

  2. Which domains are affected?

    All newly registered, transferred, or modified domains. Domains which were registered before January 2014 will require verification if they are updated or transferred.

  3. Which information will verified?

    The combination of Name, Organization and email address will verified. It will not verify single contact handles or domains.

  4. How will the contact details will be verified?

    The mentioned domain registrant email address is automatically sent an email with a confirmation link after the registration, transfer, or update.

  5. How long does the registrant have before the deadline for the verification?

    The verification email must be approved within 15 days. A reminder email will sent after 7 days if they have not confirmed the link.

  6. What will happen if the registrant does not approve the link?

    The domain's nameserver(s) will replaced at the registry and the domain(s) will not resolve anymore.

  7. What happens if the registrant has more than one domain and does not approve the link. ?

    All domains which are using the same details (Name, Organization and email) will be DEACTIVATED.

  8. What happens if the registrant didn't receive the email?

    The registrant can easily resend the email from his/her Hexonet account. If the domain has already been suspended, they can also navigate to the website to request a new email.

  9. What if the registrant email address is wrong?

    The email address can be changed by performing a trade, according to the new ICANN Inter-Registrar transfer policy (IRTP). The email address cannot be changed using the Modifydomain command. A new verification email is sent to the new email address automatically.

  10. What do I see if the domain is off-line?
  11. A web-page containing the option to resend the verification email will be shown.

  12. Where I can find all domains which need verification?
  13. All domains that require verification can be found in the 'Pending Task' menu.

  14. Do I have to provide verification for every domain?
  15. No, the domains using the same registrant details (Name, Organization and email address) don't require verification. Only the first domain will need verification and all other domains using the same registrant details will be verified automatically. That means you can use one or several contact handles, with the same already confirmed content, for several domains.

  16. Can I brand the Verification email?
  17. Yes, you can brand some parts of the verification email. For example, sender email address, sender company name.

    Sample email.

    Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
    As a new Registrant of a domain name, you need to verify your email address[1]. To do so, please click on the link below. Please note that without timely verification of your email address, 
    you can't fully manage your domain name and your domain name will stop resolving after 15 days of this notice.
    Domain Name(s) Registered Using New Email Address: Only one verification required to verify domain(s) listed below.
    Verification Deadline Date    Domain Name
    Date <br>
    Date <br>
    Date <br>
    For more information on email verification please contact your domain service provider.
    Email: [email protected]
    Terms and Conditions of your Domain Name Registration are available through your Domain Service Provider.