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* [[xDNS:X_ALIAS_RR|X-ALIAS-<RR> (Alias xDNS record sets)]]
* [[xDNS:X_ALIAS_RR|X-ALIAS-<RR> (Alias xDNS record sets)]]
** [[ Web Apps]]

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[edit] xDNS (extended DNS) - Web-Forwarding, Email-Forwarding and DNS Alias handling

xDNS is a proprietary extension to standard DNS that allows to setup Web-Forwarding, Email-Forwarding and Alias resource records as easy as any other DNS resource records for a DNS zone.

You can provide xDNS records with the CreateDNSZone API command and the UpdateDNSZone API command but you need to submit the additional parameter "EXTENDED = 1".

Possible extended DNS records are: