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If a problem ever occurs with an ICANN-accredited registrar, ICANN needs to know that a copy of the domain name registration information held by that registrar is protected. There are cases, such as if a registrar’s ICANN-accredited status is terminated, that ICANN may have to step in and take measures to transfer those domain names to another registrar. With this data in an escrow account held by a neutral third party, the domain name information is protected and secured.

HEXONET's RegistrarOC and RDE

HEXONET can optionally handle the complete RDE transmission with IronMountain for all registrar account managed by RegistrarOC.

ICANN RDE specification

Registrar Data Escrow Specifications

HEXONET's RDE transmission to IronMountain

Domain Data File

The domain data file is generated as described in the RDE specification in chapter 4.1.2. The syntax of the CSV file is as followed:

domain,expiration_date,nameservers,holder_contact,admin_contact,tech_contact,billing_contact,2009-08-29 00:00:00,,P-ABC123,P-ABC123,P-ABC123,P-ABC123,2009-08-29 00:00:00,,P-ABC456,P-ABC456,P-ABC456,P-ABC456

Contact Data File

HEXONET is using its own (meta) contact handles. That's why the contact data is transmitted as own data file as proposed in the RDE specification in chapter 4.1.9. The syntax of the CSV file is as followed:

P-ABC123,Max Mustermann,Testorganization,Teststreet 1,Testcity,Teststate,11111,DE,+4901111112,+4901111113
P-ABC456,Michael Mustermann,Testorganization Ltd.,Teststreet 1,Testcity,Teststate,22222,DE,+4901111114,+4901111115

Hash Data File

There is Hash Data File with two entries: one for the Domain Data File and one for the Contact Data File. Details can be found in the RDE specification in chapter 4.1.18.

An example for the content of such a Hash Data File is below:

899ea7ca78a225c122440eac3934af56a04c88a5f1ae27178f2353fc6cb8a685  000_RDE_2008-01-01_full_0
8dbd2f7ef8b1ee672c67ec23f63cvc44b9e01a09b0540fc15ed4c87b257b9cf0  000_RDE_2008-01-01_hdl_0