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API RenewDomain

The RenewDomain command is used to renew domains explicitly for a specified time period at the registry . When renewing a domain please enter the domain, the period for renewal (e.g. period = 1) and the current expiration year (e.g. 2007). Please notice that you can not explicitly renew domains under all TLDs. For further information please see the corresponding TLD info page.

IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the Domain API-Manual for a current list of allowed parameters.


 command = RenewDomain
 domain = (DOMAIN)

 period        = (INT)
 expiration    = (INT)


 code        = (CODE)
 description = (DESCRIPTION)

 property[registrationexpirationdate][0] = (DATE)
 property[status][n] = (DOMAINSTATUS) 

Please have a look at HEXONET Renewal System to understand how the system internal renewal works.