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The StatusSSLCert command enables you to check the current status of a SSLCERT. It provides information about the current processing state, the creation/expiration date and the CSR/CRT data.

IMPORTANT: Please have a look at the SSLCERT API_manual for more details.


 command = StatusSSLCert
 sslcertid = (SSLCERTID)

SSL Status values

Depending on the various certificates we offer, there may exist be the same stati for simmilar certificates.

ACTIVE - certificate successfully issued

REQUESTED / REQUESTEDCREATE - certificate has been successfully requested at the certificate supplier

PROCESSING - certificate order gets processed at the certificate supplier

PENDING / PENDINGCREATE - certificate order is pending

FAILED - certificate order failed (e.g. confirmation email has not been confirmed)

REPLACED - certificate has been replaced by a new certificate for the same common name through the customer

REVOKED - certificate has been revoked through the customer

REQUESTEDREISSUE - re-issue has been successfully requested at the certificate supplier

PENDINGREISSUE - re-issue in process