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How to create a CSR file with operating system LINUX

1. Creating a private key

In case of ordering a EV certificate, you should change the encryption to 2048 instead of 1024 bit.

Csr step1.gif

2. Creating the CRS itself, based on the previous created private key.

Csr step2.gif

3. Adding required details completing the CSR

Please note that all fields are required, except of the extra attributes. When creating a CSR for a wildcard certificate, the value for Common Name should be * instead of an expicit

Csr step3.gif

4. Reviewing the entered information

Csr step4.gif

5. CSR file is ready

Csr step5.gif

How to create a CSR file with operating system WINDOWS

1. Select Administrative Tools.

2. Start Internet Services Manager.

Iis csr1.jpg

3. Open the properties window for the website the CSR is for. You can do this by right clicking on the Default Website and selecting Properties from the menu

4. Open Directory Security by right clicking on the Directory Security tab

Iis csr2.jpg

5. Click Server Certificate. The following Wizard will appear:

Iis csr3.jpg

6. Click Create a new certificate and click Next.

Iis csr4.jpg

7. Select Prepare the request and click Next.

Iis csr5.jpg

8. Provide a name for the certificate, this needs to be easily identifiable if you are working with multiple domains. This is for your records only.

9. If your server is 40 bit enabled, you will generate a 512 bit key. If your server is 128 bit you can generate up to 1024 bit keys. We recommend you stay with the default of 1024 bit key if the option is available. Click Next

Iis csr6.jpg

10. Enter Organisation and Organisation Unit, these are your company name and department respectively. Click Next.

Iis csr7.jpg

11. The Common Name field should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or the web address for which you plan to use your IIS SSL Certificate, e.g. the area of your site you wish customers to connect to using SSL. Click Next.

Iis csr8.jpg

12. Enter your country, state and city. Click Next.

Iis csr9.jpg

13. Enter a filename and location to save your CSR. You will need this CSR to enroll for your IIS SSL Certificate. Click Next.

Iis csr10.jpg

14. Check the details you have entered. If you have made a mistake click Back and amend the details. Be especially sure to check the domain name the Certificate is to be "Issued To". Your IIS SSL Certificate will only work on this domain. Click Next when you are happy the details are absolutely correct.

15. When you make your application, make sure you include the CSR in its entirety into the appropriate section of the enrollment form - including




16. Click Next

17. Confirm your details in the enrollment form

To save your private key

1. Go to: Certificates snap in in the MMC

2. Select Requests

3. Select All tasks

4. Select Export