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ICANN Transfer E-Mails

The following environment variables will help you to brand the "ICANN FOA Mail" to your corporate company style.

Email Sender

Environmentkey: _system/gtld/transfer

Environmentname: emailsender

Default value: EMail address of the API user or if not given, the email address from the next upper user will be taken


Explanation: Overrides your account address with this value

Link to general terms and conditions

Environmentkey: _system/gtld/transfer

Environmentname: tac

Default value: - 

Example: your-company-name.TLD/Your terms and conditions

Explanation: Link to your terms and conditions


Environmentkey: _system/gtld/transfer

Environmentname: url

Default value: <small>{DOMAIN}&action={ACTION}&trigger={TRIGGER}&form_language={LANGUAGE}</small>

Example: <small>your-company-name.TLD/?domain={DOMAIN}&action={ACTION} &trigger={TRIGGER} 

Explanation:  Link to your own ICANN FOA page
PLEASE NOTE: the respective IP address, you should point your own domain to is: - Example: Add a sub-domain called and point it to

Email language

Environmentkey:  _system/gtld/transfer

Environmentname: emaillanguage

Default value: Language of the API user who requested the transfer; if it could not be determinated, EN will be choosen

Example: DE

Explanation: E-Mail languagecode, DE and EN are available

Email Subject

Environmentkey: _system/gtld/transfer

Environmentname: emailsubject

Default value: Transfer Request: {ACTION} {DOMAIN} [{TRIGGER}]

Example: Transfer Request: {ACTION} {DOMAIN} [{TRIGGER}]

Explanation: The subject of your Email

You are able to set / modify these values by using the SetEnvironment or GetEnvironment API commands.