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As of Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. UTC we will no longer be accepting new registrations and transfers-in of .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domains.

In compliance with the announced sanctions and close monitoring thereof, we will continue to process .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domain renewals.


.RU is the official ccTLD of the Federation of Russia. .рф (romanized as .RF) is the IDN ccTLD of the Federation of Russia. The ASCII notation of this IDN ccTLD is .XN--P1AI.

Introduced 1994
Country Federation of Russia
Registry RU-Center
IDN Capable Yes
Webpage Register .RU





Allowed TLDs

.ru,,,,, .рф



Dispute Policy



1api GmbH



5 minutes

Min. Characters


Max. Characters


Character Set
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
  • IDN: not allowed
  • Registrant Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Admin Contacts: Required: 0 / Maximum: 1
  • Tech Contacts: Required: 0 / Maximum: 1
  • Billing Contacts: Required: 0 / Maximum: 1

{{{Possible Extensions}}}

IDN capable


Restore capable


Handle Updates


Registration System


Allowed number of NS

0 to 13

Registry Nameservercheck


Host IP-Addresses Type


Hosts managed as


Root Nameserver Update

several times a day

SEC DNS Interface

not available



Transfer Authcode required


Transfer Real-Time


Transfer ACK by


Transfer NACK by


Transfer Lock


Owner Change by


Trade Periods


Trade Confirmation (Request / Approve)

MAIL / -


{{{Possible Extensions}}}

Registration Periods

1 year

Add Grace Period

0 days

Accounting Period

-7 days

Finalization Period

-2 days

Failure Period

-2 days

Payment Period

-61 days

Deletion Restorable Period

30 days

Deletion Hold Period

0 days

Explicit Renewals


Renewal Periods

1 year


Domain Registration

As of Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. UTC we will no longer be accepting new registrations and transfers-in of .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domains.

In compliance with the announced sanctions and close monitoring thereof, we will continue to process .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domain renewals.

Domains can be registered with the API AddDomain command.

command = AddDomain
domain  = (DOMAIN)


ownercontact0 = (CONTACT)
admincontact0 = (CONTACT)
techcontact0 = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0 = (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 = (NAMESERVER)


auth = <TEXT> | <NULL>
transferlock = 0 | 1 | <NULL>
subuser = <TEXT> | <NULL>


Domain Transfer

As of Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. UTC we will no longer be accepting new registrations and transfers-in of .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domains.

In compliance with the announced sanctions and close monitoring thereof, we will continue to process .ru, .рф (.xn--p1ai), .moscow, .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks), .рус (xn—p1acf), .by and .su domain renewals.

The losing registrar has to inititate the transfer to push the domain to the gaining (new) registrar. The gaining registrar has to be aware of the planned domain transfer. Hence the transfer has to be requested with the API TransferDomain command.

command = TransferDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)


period = <PERIOD>
auth = <TEXT>

Delete Domain

Domains can be deleted with the API DeleteDomain command.
There is a Deletion Restorable Period of 30 days and a following Deletion Hold Period of 0 days.

command = DeleteDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)

Restore Domain

Restores can be processed automatically but not in realtime. A restore is possible within 30 days upon deletion. Please use the command RestoreDomain.

command = RestoreDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)


renewalmode = <NULL> | <TEXT>
subuser = <TEXT>


All details, except Name and organization, can only changed with a handle update. Handles cannot be replaced for an update of the address details, phone or email. An Ownerchange (Name/Organization) must be changed with a TRADE request.

You will find more information in the TLD specific section.

TLD specific


If you wish to register a .RU domain for an individual through API, kindly add these additional parameters to the AddDomain API command:


The customer in submitting a .RU domain registration through HEXONET explicitly agrees to indemnify HEXONET against any and all liability, loss, damages and legal costs in the transmission of identification information, understanding that HEXONET deletes identification information from all its systems immediately after transmission. The customer understands and accepts that the .RU registry may choose to store identification information along with other registration data on their own accord and completely independent from HEXONET.

Registrant Verification

In following cases a verification of the registrant is necessary:

  • Change of data required of Registrant's identification
  • Transfer to another Registrar
  • Domain ownership transfer to another Registrant (change of owner)
  • Cancellation of administration rights (deletion)
  • Registration of .SU domains

For the various types of domain owners, the following information has to be provided:

  • for legal entities: a copy of the certificate about state registration of a legal entity issued by the state authorities
  • for natural persons: passport copy (personal details and issuance data)
  • for entrepreneur: passport copy (personal details and issuance data)
You also need to submit the contract number which can be obtained using the StatusDomain command for the respective domain within the property
which gets returned by the API. This information is also displayed on the registry information page within the HEXONET Controlpanel.

Copies of identification documents need to get submitted to the registry by:

e-mail: [email protected]
fax: +7 (495) 7370602
regular mail: 123308, 3d Khoroshevskaya str., 2/1, Moscow, Russia RU-CENTER
regular mail: 125315, Leningradsky prospekt, 74, bldg. 4, Moscow, Russia

In the event you choose to send via email, please ensure that all Digital ID document copies are submitted in one of the following formats: "jpg", "png", "gif" or "pdf" format.

Until the domain owner has been verified, the WHOIS output will contain the following line:


After the successful verification the domain owner will receive an email and the state in the WHOIS will change to:


Example request email to the registry:

Dear Nic.RU,

Attached you will find the paper of <required document> for the company <your company> which
is the owner of the domain name "<your domain name>". We hereby want to verify the contract id <your contract id>.

Please contact us if you need further information to validate our identity.

Best regards,

Example response email of the registry:


Сообщаем Вам, что копия свидетельства о регистрации
организации DOMAIN OWNER для анкеты NIC-HANDLE компанией RU-CENTER получена.

Административная группа RU-CENTER
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (495) 737-0601

----------------------------   english   ---------------------------

Your documents have been received.
Legal entity DOMAIN OWNER has been successfully identified.

RU-CENTER Administrative group
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (495) 737-0601


Standard configured nameservers are required.


The Transfer procedure for .RU domains is semi-automated. To transfer a .RU domain into your account, please follow these steps:

Within Ru-Center

  1. Initiate the transfer in your account using TransferDomain via the API or the respective function in the Control Panel.
  2. Please fill out the form found at under 1.2..
  3. For companies, "Charter or Power of Attorney No" can be left blank.
  4. For "Partner Agreement" use 5353/NIC-REG, "Organization identifier" can also be left empty.
  5. For individuals, a copy of passport should be attached to the letter.
  6. Send it via post to RU-CENTER, 2/1, 3d Khoroshevskaya str., Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation.

From another Registrar

  1. Start the transfer via the control panel.
  2. Contact Hexonet Support with the details to create a contact ID at the registry, or provide an existing contact ID. (The provided details must match the current registrant of the domain, and the birthdate and passport number are also necessary for individuals.)
  3. Hexonet Support submits the domain transfer to the registry. If the provided contact handle does not match the existing contact details, the transfer is rejected after a period of time.


In general, you simply have to set the renewal mode of a .RU domain to AUTOEXPIRE. Then the domain will get deleted as soon as the expiration date is reached. To delete a .RU domain directly during the normal registration period, you have to sent an original cancelation letter by post to the registry (only originals are accepted). It is not possible to delete a domain directly with the DeleteDomain command.

The letter should be sent to:

p.o. box 123182, 1 Kurchatov square, Moscow, Russia "Regional Network Information Center", RU-CENTER

(Attention: courier mail is not accepted at this address)

The letter should be mounted on an organization's form, signed by the head of the organization. If the letter is signed by someone, acting on the basis of other documents (warrant) than the letter should be mounted on behalf of this person with indication of his authority (position, surname, name) and also indicate the number and date of the document, confirming his authority. A copy of the warrant should be attached to the letter. Copies of documents can be sent by fax to +7(495) 737-0602 Please find any further information on's site.


Replacing the contact handle is only possible via a trade.

Once the trade has been requested, please print the document provided from our Domain PDF Generator and send it to the registry.

There is a different form for individuals. Document

Password / Contract Number

If you have forgotten the administrator password or contract number:



Restore Process

To restore a domain as a RegistrarOC customer, you simply have to execute the RestoreDomain command. HEXONET directly forwards the restore request to the registry, which performs the restore in short time. As soon as the restore has been completed by the registry, the domain will get assigned to your account with the original domain data.

Please do not initiate a restore directly at the registry (e.g. using the registrar webinterface). All restore operations must be performed through our system.