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.SG is the official country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of Singapore. Companies and individuals located in Singapore, as well as companies, corporations, or individuals who have business with Singapore can register .SG domains.

Introduced 1988
Country Singapore
Registry SGNIC
IDN Capable Yes
Webpage Register .SG







Dispute Policy



1api GmbH



5 minutes

Min. Characters


Max. Characters


Character Set
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
  • IDN: allowed
  • Registrant Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Admin Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Tech Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Billing Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1

{{{Possible Extensions}}}

IDN capable


Restore capable


Handle Updates

Supported (partially)

Registration System


Allowed number of NS

2 to 13

Registry Nameservercheck


Host IP-Addresses Type


Hosts managed as


Root Nameserver Update

several times a day

SEC DNS Interface

not available



Transfer Periods


Transfer Authcode required


Transfer Lock


Owner Change by


Trade Periods



{{{Possible Extensions}}}

Registration Periods

1-2 years

Add Grace Period

0 days

Accounting Period

-7 days

Finalization Period

-2 days

Failure Period

29 days

Payment Period

-61 days

Deletion Restorable Period

30 days

Deletion Hold Period

0 days

Explicit Renewals


Renewal Periods

1 year


Domain Registration

Domains can be registered in Real-Time with the API AddDomain command.

command = AddDomain
domain  = (DOMAIN)


ownercontact0 = (CONTACT)
admincontact0 = (CONTACT)
techcontact0 = (CONTACT)
billingcontact0 = (CONTACT)
nameserver0 = (NAMESERVER)
nameserver1 = (NAMESERVER)


auth = <TEXT> | <NULL>
transferlock = 0 | 1 | <NULL>
subuser = <TEXT> | <NULL>


Domain Transfer

The transfer has to be initiated by the gaining registrar and can be requested with the API TransferDomain command.
A valid Authorization Code must be provided to initiate a transfer successfully. You may obtain the authorization code from the losing registrar.

command = TransferDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)


ownercontact0 = <contact handle>
admincontact0 = <contact handle>
techcontact0 = <contact handle>
billingcontact0 = <contact handle>
auth = <TEXT>


subuser = <TEXT> | <NULL>
period = <PERIOD>
transferlock = 0 | 1 | <NULL>

Delete Domain

Domains can be deleted with the API DeleteDomain command.
There is a Deletion Restorable Period of 30 days and a following Deletion Hold Period of 0 days.

command = DeleteDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)

Restore Domain

Restores can be processed automatically within the specified deletion restorable period after the expiration date. Please use the command RestoreDomain.

command = RestoreDomain
domain = (DOMAIN)


renewalmode = <NULL> | <TEXT>
subuser = <TEXT>


All contact information with the exception of registrant Name, Firstname and Organisation can be updated through the ModifyDomain command.
In order to change the owner you have to request a trade with the TradeDomain command. This can be done through our web interface or through our API:

command = TradeDomain
domain = <DOMAIN>
ownercontact0 = <CONTACT>



If the new registrant is an organisation from Singapore: The company registration number has to be provided as X-SG-RCBID.

If the new registrant is an individual from Singapore: please provide their SingPass in the X-SG-RCBID field.

If the new registrant is not from Singapore: Do not provide X-SG-RCBID.

TLD specific



.COM.SG domains can only be registered for companies.

.SG and .COM.SG

If the registrant is an individual from Singapore, an administrative contact located in Singapore with X-ADMIN-IDNUMBER is required, the local presence service cannot be used in this case.
If you provide registrant and administrative contact from a different country, a local presence service will be provided automatically (free of charge).
If the registrant is an organization from Singapore then the company registration number has to be provided as X-SG-RCBID.
If the admin-c is an individual from Singapore then the respective SingpassID has to be provided as X-ADMIN-IDNUMBER.

additional parameter X-SG-RCBID
role country of origin entity value
registrant SG organization company registration number
registrant SG individual SingPass ID
registrant other organization n/a
registrant other individual n/a

additional parameter X-ADMIN-IDNUMBER
role country of origin entity value
admin-c SG organization CorpPass ID
admin-c SG individual Singpass ID
admin-c other organization n/a (admin-c will be replaced by local presence service)
admin-c other individual n/a (admin-c will be replaced by local presence service)

Valid format of the Singpass ID

SingPass ID (or NRIC) refers to the individual's National Registration Identity Card which has to consist of exactly one letter ("S", "T", "F" or "G") followed by seven digits followed by one checksum letter.
Example: S1234567A

Note: Singpass Foreign user Account (SFA) IDs are not accepted. They are similar to normal Singpass numbers but start with a Y.

Domain Transfers

Inbound Domain Transfers

Additionally to the Authorization Code, the registry requires that the current contact information and name servers of the domain will be submitted with the transfer request. To do so, you have to use the ownercontact0, admincontact0, techcontact0 and billingcontact0 parameters and at least two name servers in the following syntax:

command = TransferDomain
domain = <domain>
auth = <auth>
ownercontact0 = <contact handle>
admincontact0 = <contact handle>
techcontact0 = <contact handle>
billingcontact0 = <contact handle>
nameserver0 = <name server>
nameserver1 = <name server>

Be sure that you've created valid contact handles with the current contact information of the .SG domain you wish to transfer the respective domain. After 7 days, the registry will approve the transfer if the losing registrar does not decline the transfer.

Several registrars also need a so called AGNT number before they will approve an outgoing transfer, our AGNT number is AGNT-1643.

Outbound Domain Transfers

.SG domains are LOCKED by default and no Authorization Code is set at the registry – a transfer is not possible.
You need to unlock a .SG domain in order to have an Authorization Code set at the registry.
.SG domains can only be unlocked if they do not utilize the local presence service.

In order to transfer a domain away you have to remove the transfer lock (epp status clientTransferProhibited). This can only be done if the local presence service is not in use. A few minutes after removing the transfer lock you will receive an UPDATE::SUCCESSFUL message containing the new Authorization Code. At the same time the Authorization Code will be stored as property AUTH of the domain and also a property X-SG-AUTH-EXPIRATIONDATE indicating when the Authorization Code will expire (after 14 days).

Outbound Internal Transfers

If the domain should be transferred to another reseller of HEXONET the domain has also to be unlocked and the same AUTH is required.


To delete a .SG domain with immediate effect please contact our support team at [email protected].



Restore Process

To restore a domain as a RegistrarOC customer, you simply have to execute the RestoreDomain command. HEXONET directly forwards the restore request to the registry, which performs the restore in short time. As soon as the restore has been completed by the registry, the domain will get assigned to your account with the original domain data.

Please do not initiate a restore directly at the registry (e.g. using the registrar webinterface). All restore operations must be performed through our system.