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System commands

Download: Full Domain API documentation

Domain commands

Please find below a list of the most common used domain commands:

Host/Nameserver commands

Manage your Nameservers with the following commands:

Contact commands

Add or modify WHOIS Contact information by using the following commands

Domain transfer commands

Domain (user) transfers

Domains can also be transfered between HEXONET customers. Please see the following usertransfer manual.

Domain registry specific commands



RegistrarOC commands

Domain addon commands

These comands are restricted and can only be executed by the user who explicitely added this kind of service e.g. trustee service.

NewTLD Launch Date Commands

These commands displays the launch data. Reflecting which launch phases exist, when they start, when they end, and whether they are auctioned or FCFS.


FOA - Email (Transfers)

You will have the possibility of customizing the FOA Transfer Email which you have to send out to your client, please review the following page for examples. IcannTransferMail

WHOIS branding

You have the possibility of customizing the WHOIS Information displayed in the public WHOIS for domains registered through you. Whoisbranding


Branded Sub-Customer Login (Including the Logo):

  • Resellers can provide their sub-customers with a completely branded Control Panel with a few simple configurations. This solution ensures that a
  • Reseller's sub-customers think that the Control Panel is completely provided to them by the Reseller.

Branded Control Panel URL:

  • For a given domain name, add a subdomain using a A-RECORD to a fixed IP address (example
  • Sub-customers typing in "" will be directed to the Reseller's branded Control Panel which provides them access to all their domains and services.

Stylizing and Branding the Control Panel:

  • Resellers should login to thier account using their credentials and proceed to Manage Account › My Settings> Control Panel Branding
  • Resellers can change colors and styles for their sub-customer Control Panel